About NewClicks

NewClicks was founded by Erik de Boer and Jesse Kröger in 2012. We support publishers and educators in Higher Education with structured data on the use & availability of educational content.

That’s why we created Textbookweb, the online adoption database for Higher Education.

What we do

By collecting, cleaning, standardizing and enriching unstructured information, we have created  instantly accessible and usable data on course adoptions  in Higher Education across Europe. We make this data available via Textbookweb.

With data on more than 400,000 reading lists, covering all subjects areas, Textbookweb is the ultimate tool for Editorial Research, Marketing Research, Marketing Planning, Sales and Sales Support.

Practical solutions for data

We believe that clean, structured and enriched data are the cornerstone of the successful and flexible organization of today. Data is not about IT or internet. Functional data is about supporting your organization and your work in the most efficient way.

NewClicks offers structural and practical solutions by collecting, cleaning and structuring data on the use, availability and price of educational material in Higher Education across Europe.