Market Research and Marketing Planning

Our online course adoption database provides you with all the data you need to build, implement and review your marketing activities,
We have structured the adoption data on over 400,000 modules in more than 100 key universities. Textbookweb helps you:

  • Determine your market position per country on subject & university level.
  • Analyze how your own titles are performing compared to the competition.
  • Set your priorities in accordance with your publishing strategy.
  • Build a data-based marketing strategy.

Lead identification and sales planning

Textbookweb is the ultimate support tool for you sales team.
No more hours of online research to find out who is adopting what. Simply look it up in Textbookweb.

With Textbookweb, your sales team has instant access to all relevant course adoption data:

  • Identify leads per country and university and faculty.
  • Plan and prioritize contacts and visits efficiently based on the data.
  • Get the maximum out of your sales visits and meet the most promising leads.

Editorial Research

Finding out which subjects are being taught where and which books are used is done in seconds instead of hours of painstaking online research.
Some practical uses may include:

  • Use Textbookweb to determine the market potential for new publications.
  • Asses the relevance of backlist titles you consider to acquire.
  • Find the most promising programs to get reviewers for your textbooks.