About Textbookweb

We are specialized in supporting educational publishers with course adoption information.

Textbookweb is the shortest route to the information you need on adopted textbooks across Europe.

At the core of Textbookweb is data. Lots of data. Textbookweb holds structured and indexed data on over 400,000 university level modules in all imaginable subjects.

Start building a succesfull textbook marketing & sales strategy with Textbookweb.

Our process

We have taken your ideal world as the starting point to build Textbookweb:

  • An always up-to-date course adoption database.
  • All course adoption  information from different countries and universities available in a standardized and enriched format.
  • Advanced query, reporting and export functionalities to support your day-to-day business.
  • Immediate and crucial insights in the European textbook adoption market about your textbooks, market share and the latest developments in programs and modules.

Textbookweb offers all the granularity you need to identify leads on national, local and institute level across all subjects.

All programms are categorized in one of 10 subject clusters to enable quick segmentation.
Modules & titles are categorized by THEMA code to easily identify & select relevant courses across all universities covered.


Over the past 5 years, we have grown Textbookweb to cover over 100 universities in continential Europe and the UK.

Our advanced data integration process makes it possible to add institution on demand within 7 days.

Contact us to find out more about our coverage.


With Insights, we bring a new dimension to research on the textbook market and providing marketing intelligence.

Getting instant clarity on your market position to build your publishing and commercial strategy was never more straightforward. Find out more about Insights here

How to start

We believe you should only pay for the data and functionality you need. Nothing more.
That’s why we have created a highly flexible subscription model that gives you access to the data that’s relevant for you and lets you use the functionality you need to support your goals.

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