Market insights

With Insights, we bring a new dimenson to the data in Textbookweb.

Getting an instant picture of where you stand in the textbook market and how your competitors are doing was never easier.

Start with the overall picture and drill down on country, subject, university level to create tailor made-analysis to know where you stand.

Local insights

Each university is different in focus and specialism. And teaching specialisms per country can be as different as the countries themselves.

Textbookweb gives you the insights on strengths and specialisms per country, university and faculty to help you better understand local market and find new opportunities for your publications.

Outperformers and Underperformers

Some titles are performing well in one location and only so-so in others.
Which universities are particular fond of your competitor’s key titles? Group competing titles together and create reports that tell you where you need to focus.

Get the insights on the outperformers and underperformers with Textbookweb’s Insights.

Topics and Trends

Society is changing rapidly and education is following these developments by offering new programs and modules about the latest techologies, political developments and scientific discoveries.

Textbookweb helps you identify emerging markets, detect how the current markets dynamics and tells you which faculties and programs specialize in Brexit, Blockhain, Artifical Intelligence to name a few high profile topics.